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Combining two favorite aesthetic loves (beauty & horror) I graduated from Westmore Makeup Academy (Burbank) in 2010 where my studies focused on glamour, special effects & vintage hair styling.

Within months of graduating I provided assistant makeup artist duties on both the 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia' live show and The Golden Gods Awards TV special.

I am personable, friendly, and knowledgeable about products, looks and techniques. Making the talent in my chair feel confident, comfortable and gorgeous is paramount!


Westmore Makeup Academy, Burbank, CA Graduated August 2010 Beauty Makeu:anitation, skin care, color matching, dimensions of color, HD makeup, mature makeup, bridal makeup, men’s makeup, basic airbrushing, retro makeup (30s-60s), makeup for photography, high fashion, avant-garde, problem solving, and marketing.

Special FX: bullet wounds, scars, slit throats, cuts/scraps, burns, bruises/black eyes, cadavers, zombies, bald caps, life casting, sculpting, fake eyes and teeth, prosthetic application/coloring, hair laying, and fake tattoos. Airbrush:oundation, color matching, body makeup, covering tattoos, covering bruises and freckles, HD makeup, and men’s makeup.

Hair Styling: Finger waving, waving and styling with Marcel curling irons, blow dryer and brush techniques, pin curls, hot rollers, electric curling irons, character hair techniques, stunt and double wigs, wigs styling, temporary hair coloring, and retro styling(30s-60s)




● Sunset Spin (television pilot) Makeup and Hair Department Head

● The Girls Game (television pilot) Makeup and Hair Department Head

● Spartegen XP (commercial) Makeup and Hair

● New XBox Skins, Nerdist.com (video short) Makeup and Hair

● Mrs. Holy Water by Luke Christopher (music video) Assistant Makeup and Key Hair

● Believe the Squalor by Lieutenant (music video) Character Makeup and Hair 

● Ryda by The Game featuring Dej (music video) Makeup and Hair

● Sleepwalker by Christine Owman(music video) Makeup and Hair

● Peete Wentz "FML" (television pilot) Makeup and Hair

● The Reveal (web series) Makeup and Hair


● Superman Turns Luchador, Nerdist.com (video short) Makeup and Hair

● A Super Sexy Justice League Valentines Day, Nerdist.com (video short) Makeup and Hair

● Birthday Boys Season 2 inserts (Television) Assistant Makeup and Hair

● Ice Queen (Photo Series) Makeup and Hair

● MissG Designs Headdresses (photo Series) Makeup and Hair

● Penthouse Pets European Promotion (Commercial) Makeup and Hair

● Eckstein Bio-Kosmetic Global Campaign (commercial) Makeup and Hair

● Luxe Me Now (Commercial) Makeup and Hair



Vogue Italia (website) Photos of the day: January 7, 2013 Key Makeup and Hair

● Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great JOb! (TV) Assistant Makeup and Hair

● College Humor (video short) Spring Breakers, Assistant Makeup and hair

● Birthday Boys (Television) Season 1, Assistant Makeup and Hair

● Everything That Rises Must Converge (short film) Makeup and Hair



● Runway Magazine: Winter 2012 (magazine) Key Makeup and Hair for Tegan Webster interview with Jaime Hilfiger

● Atomic Bombshell: Issue 1 (magazine) Key Makeup and Hair pg 50

● Atomic Bombshell: Issue 3 (magazine) Key Makeup and Hair pg 86

● Gore Noir: Issue 4 (magazine) Key Makeup and Hair pgs 20-22

● Groundlings Theater (headshots for lobby) Assistant Makeup and Hair Kira Von Sutra MAKEUP



● Retro Dos (book) Key Makeup pgs 60-65

● Golden Gods Awards (TV special) Assistant Makeup Artist

● Alt Noir: The Special Horror Edition (magazine) Key Makeup and Hair pgs 26



● Iconography: The Naked Issue (magazine) Key Makeup Artist and Hair pgs 28-31

● How to be a Zombie (book) Key Makeup Artist and Hair pgs 2-3,6,13,94,96-97

● It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia & Family Guy Live @ Gibson Amphitheater (live show)

● Assistant Makeup and Hair

● Golden Gods Awards (TV special) Assistant Makeup Artist

● The Ed Hardy Boys II (video short) Assistant Makeup Artist and Hair

● 2010 Presidential Reunion (video short) Assistant Makeup Artist and Hair

● The Ghastly Love of Johnny X (film) Assistant Makeup Artist

● Nest of Vipers (horror video short for www.thebloodfactory.com) Assistant Makeup Artist and Hair

● Bettie Page: A Tribute (book) Key Makeup and Hair pgs 29 &36

● Tattoo Vixens (book) Key Makeup and Hair pg 78

● Marquis: Issue 48 (magazine) Key Makeup and Hair pg 10 


Leah Vautrot- Key Makeup Artist for It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia             (323)363-7862

Kitty Gallanis- Owner of MissFitPhoto (714)492-0904

Erin Nichols– Freelance Makeup Artist (818)669-2008

Tristen De Burgh- Owner of The X Collective Productions (858)353-2999

Samuel Hernandez- Owner of SHPhotography (424)245-9684


Kira Von Sutra

Los Angeles, CA

p: 818.371.5628

e: kiravonsutra_makeup@yahoo.com